With more 100 chain outlets all over Asia, Tanyoto is the definitive fare representative of the Sichuan province

Tanyoto Steamboat Restaurant has been serving up mouth-watering steamboat cuisines with their unique in-house soup base recipes since 1996. The Sichuan-based restaurant made its first foray out of China in 1998 into major Asian cities like Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore, which was met with much success up until today.


With more 100 chain outlets all over Asia, Tanyoto is the definitive fare representative of the Sichuan province, and the award-winning restaurant has successfully conjured a spicy affair that is surprisingly fresh and light. Its Liang Court branch in Singapore has given local diners much to rave about on the local F&B scene.


With a wide variety of soup bases for diners to choose from, Tanyoto’s steamboat soups are all made from the freshest ingredients for nutritional goodness that caters to different taste demands. From the all-time favourite tom yum soup and ginseng chicken soup to the in-house specialties tomato soup and peppery soup, Tanyoto has satisfied taste buds of health conscious locals presenting exotic and popular Sichuan delicacies like mala stewed fish, geleshan spicy chicken and mapo tofu alongside its signature steamboat cuisine.

Besides a sumptuous and vast food selection on its menu, Diners get to choose from a number of tastefully furnished private function rooms and spacious open hall tables to suit their varied dining needs. The 2-storey restaurant has cleverly converted the second storey into a separate enclave away from the first storey main dining hall for customers to have a more private dining experience. The VIP rooms are designed in different sizes to cater for small groups of 4-5 to larger rooms that can serve up to 20. All private rooms are available on a reservation basis.


As a restaurant that puts much emphasis on its food, Tanyoto has always place the experience of diners as its top priority. Much thought goes into providing diners with high quality service that is coupled with a dedicated touch. This ensures that diners can have an enjoyable dining experience at every visit.


Established since 2008 in Singapore, Tanyoto has adapted its menu to pander to the local taste while maintaining its unique flavour. Diners who crave for authentic Sichuan cuisines can have a taste of it at their doorstep, while locals who are looking for wholesome steamboat with an alternative twist will find this restaurant a rare gem.